Pickle Patch

Pickle Patch

The Pickle Patch

Aartje den Boer

At The Pickle Patch, everyone works. “The sheep graze to keep the pastures and lawn under control, the pigs ‘plough’ the fields and get them ready for planting and everybody fertilizes,” says Aartje den Boer. Hops and cucumbers are then planted and later harvested for beer-making and pickles. These industrious animals, born and raised at The Pickle Patch, are rewarded with tasty special treats like spent grains from Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill and whey from Glengarry Fine Cheese.


pork, lamb, poultry, hops, beeries, pickles, nitrite-free naturally smoked bacon, peameal bacon, sausages


22190 Breadalbane Rd., RR2, Dalkeith, Ontario

Production Practices:

Heritage and specialty breeds, raised on pasture and fed organic feed; organic and natural produce and preserves

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613-874-2969 http://www.picklepatchfarm.com/