Milkhouse Dairy & Farm

Milkhouse Dairy Farm

Milkhouse Dairy & Farm

Caitlin & Kyle White

Looking for a change in pace from city life, Cait and Kyle returned to the family farm to establish Milkhouse Farm & Dairy in 2010. The husband-and-wife team now produce raw sheeps’ milk cheeses, grass-fed lamb, and all-natural wool products. They are in charge every step of the way: from sheep, to milk, to cheese, to market. The growing flock of British Milk Sheep rotate through fresh pastures and lounge in the shade of tree-lined fields. In the creamery, raw sheeps’ milk cheeses are handcrafted in small-batches and aged for a minimum of three months.


raw sheeps’ milk cheese, grass-fed lamb


1112 Matheson Drive, Smith Falls, ON

Production Practices:

Organic (non-certified), grass-fed, handcrafted, traditional recipes, local abattoir

Buy & Savour:

Ottawa Farmers’ Market, Westboro & Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market


613-285-9250 / 613-285-9155