Kiwan Farms

Kiwan Farms

Kiwan Farms

Rola & Robbie Kiwan

“We always welcome people to come out and see what’s ‘growing on’ at the farm,” says Rola Kiwan. The hobby farm Rola and Robbie Kiwan started in 1995 is now a thriving family business and greenhouse operation. Field-fresh fruit and vegetables are hand-picked, sorted and sold at the farm gate on a daily basis. Each season, the Kiwans also transplant and sell locally-adapted seedlings they have started in their greenhouse. Their Lebanese cucumbers are a unique local favourite!


Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, melons, specialty herbs including basil, parsley, cilantro & more


3528 Hawthorne Rd., Ottawa, ON

Production Practices:

as natural as possible, tile drained & trickle irrigated fields, crop rotation, state-of-the-art greenhouse operation

Buy & Savour:

farm gate, Ottawa Farmers’ Market (at Lansdowne & Byron Parks)