La Bergerie Des Sables

La Bergerie des Sables

La Bergerie Des Sables

Chantal Gillet

From the fresh milk of her sheeps, Chantal Gillet creates unique products: a creamy Greek yogurt, a beautiful white butter with a light nutty taste, delicious flavoured ice creams, and cheeses… sheep feta, cheddar and camembert that will win over the finest palates. She also offers homemade products and sells lamb, chicken and eggs. The farm cares for the well-being of the animals. The sheeps are fed with dry hay and oatmeal, no GMO foods. They also graze in the fields where wild flowers and plants grow. Chickens, hens and eggs are all free-range.


Artisan cheeses; artisan yogurt (Greek style); ice cream and butter; shepherd’s caramel; meats: lamb, pork, beef & veal; chicken eggs; fresh vegetables, preserves, soups and garden marinades


1550, County Road 2, Curran Road, Curran (Ont.) K0B

Production Practices:

Organic and natural