Juniper Farm

Juniper Farm

Juniper Farm

Alex McKay-Smith & Juniper Turgeon

The story of Juniper farm starts in 2005 when Alex and Juniper decided to leave the city for greener pastures. Both city slickers, with a love and passion for food, agriculture and nature, they found their true calling in hills of Gatineau as they started an organic farm. With training from WWOOFing and knowledgeable organic farmers, Alex and Juniper were on their way to understanding the rigors and labour required to work the land in a sustainable way. Their farm has grown to include a full closed loop organic system including vegetables and animals. Taste their delicious wares from one of their CSA shares, their farm store or one of the many restaurants they sell to. An inspiration to city slickers everywhere, their farm and farm store are a definite must-see!


over 60 varieties of certified organic vegetables


375 Shouldice Rd.

Production Practices:

certified organic by Eco-Cert Canada

Buy & Savour:

CSA, a variety of restaurants