Pinnacle Haven Farm

Pinnacle Haven Farm

Pinnacle Haven Farm

Tyler & Shanna Armstrong

At Pinnacle Haven Farm, animal care, food safety, sustainability and family are what are valued most. Tyler and Shanna realized their dream to farm together in 2010 when they purchased their farm and continued the family tradition of sheep farming. Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, we operate sustainably pasturing our sheep as long as the growing season allows with intensive rotational grazing. No animals are given hormones and anyone requiring treatment with antibiotics is not sold to our customers. Pinnacle Haven prides itself on being a supplier of quality and consistent lamb every single time, all year-round.


Lamb – all cuts, sausage and pepperettes


865 Garden of Eden Road, Renfrew, ON  K7V 3Z8

Production Practices:

Our sheep are raised on pasture and fed hay and local grain. Raised without antibiotics or given any hormones.

Buy & Savour:

Renfrew and Deep River Farmers’ Markets and from the farm (best to call ahead)