Maple Hill Urban Farm

Maple Hill Urban Farm

Maple Hill Urban Farm

Don & Nan Trott

Our farm is a traditional farm located in western Ottawa on Moodie Drive, part of the Greenbelt. We sell chicken and duck eggs. Our gluten free sorghum grain is grown, harvested and processed on the farm. Sorghum whole grain, cereal and flour are available. Grain sorghum can substitute for quinoa. Our summer market garden offers organically grown produce. Pasture raised turkeys are available for Thanksgiving. The corn maze and pumpkin patch are open September / October.
Buying local is healthier for you and good for the planet.
 We believe you should know your farmer and where your food comes from!


chicken eggs, duck eggs, whole grain sorghum, cereal sorghum for porridge, sorghum flour, turkeys, garden vegetables


200 Moodie Drive, Ottawa K2H 8K6

Production Practices:

Poultry is pasture raised, vegetables are organically grown, sorghum is organically grown using sustainable farming practices

Buy & Savour:

Ottawa Farmers’ Market (winter at Lansdowne, summer at Byron Park), farm gate and at