Ferme Rêveuse

Ferme Reveuse

Ferme Rêveuse

Kornel & Olga Schneider

Ferme Rêveuse was established in 1993. The family farm is well known in eastern Canada for progressive, sustainable and intensive dairy pasture management. At our farm, all animals are pastured, and spend time outside every day, throughout the year. We pay attention to soil health, build organic matter and avoid erosion by producing only forages on all our land. Ferme Rêveuse is now expanding into pastured chicken. We are passionate about offering each animal an environment that is as close as possible to where the animal would choose to live. We are proud to produce healthy, wholesome and tasty food.


pastured chicken & farm tours


Alfred Plantagenet Township. 560 Concession Rd 8, Curran, ON K0B 1C0

Production Practices:

Natural and open air. Chickens are raised on pasture, being moved to fresh grass every day. At night they are kept safe in greenhouse type buildings.

Buy & Savour:

sold at the farm and Cumberland Farmers Market, delivery available


613-673-2714 https://www.facebook.com/fermereveuse/