Zero Carbon Garden

Zero Carbon Garden

Zero Carbon Garden

Tom Towle

Becoming part of the solution is inspiring and bridging the gap between the country and the city, the child and the old ones belies the stirring that the soil brings when touched. Living off the grid and yet one foot in the future assures us of having fresh vegetables, maple syrup from sustainable forests, and watercress from our spring-fed creek. Our times are passing. Let us enjoy the land by using traditional techniques with the best of technology, somewhat 3rd world but effective and FUN.


MAPLE SYRUP, fresh certified natural grown vegetables and watercress


37 Front Rd, Bristol, Quebec JOX 1G0

Production Practices:

Natural grown with organic techniques and certified by new grass roots organization. Using natural water system without electricity. We use natural gravity systems developed by the Vermont Maple Research Institute.

Buy & Savour:

We sell to CSA clients, farm markets and deliver to Ottawa/Hull and local grocery stores in the Ottawa Valley.