Pork of Yore

Pork of Yore

Pork of Yore

Ida Vaillancourt & Gary MacDonell

Pork of Yore produces a consistently fresh succulent pork product using free range, Berkshire and Tamworth pigs, BORN and raised on the farm. The farm is situated in an area of the Bonnechere River Valley where there is no cropping therefore, no agricultural chemical use anywhere near making the land, the water and the resulting bounty pristine. They have free access to shelters with an abundance of straw and heated water bowls. The sows farrow naturally in a place of their choosing. Pork of Yore also produces Bonnechere Valley grass fed lamb, and Chantecler Chicken eggs and chicken. (farm gate)


pork products, fresh, frozen, cured and smoked, lamb, eggs, chicken (farm gate)


1632 Scotch Bush Rd., Douglas, Ontario

Production Practices:

pigs BORN and raised on farm, stress free, antibiotic free, no growth stimulants, humanely dispatched.

Buy & Savour:

Carp Market, Ottawa Farmers’ Market, farm gate, served at Rideau Club, Black Tomato, Around The Block Butcher Shop, Ottawa