Amandine Baked Goods

Amandine Baked Goods

Amandine Baked Goods

Elena Slatculescu

“I was raised on a vineyard in Romania”, explains Elena Slatculescu. “Now, my garden in Kanata has become a retreat where I still grow grapes, sour cherries, apples, plums, and seasonal vegetables for my family”. Proud to continue family traditions, Elena incorporates homegrown fruits in a variety of decadent Romanian desserts and preserves that can’t be found anywhere else in Ottawa.

Traditional Romanian desserts, such as brânzoaice(cheese pastries) and pască (cheese brioche), originated from Ancient Roman influences while other popular cakes (Amandine, Savarine), cookies (butter-walnut), panettone/brioches (cozonac), confectioneries (Turkish Delight), and preserves (sour cherry, plum) are a fusion of French, German-Austrian, Ottoman and Eastern European influences. Elena started Amandine Baked Goods to introduce Ottawa to the unique cuisine of her Romanian heritage.

Savour At:

Ottawa Farmers’ Market (1015 Bank Street)


(613) 618-6536