Glengyle Garlic

Glengyle Garlic

Glengyle Garlic

Donna Davidson & Cliff Neudorf

Glengyle is a family Ontario Century Farm, originally a dairy farm. We grow and market garlic & garlic products under the name Glengyle Garlic. Glengyle is located on the Mississippi River in beautiful Lanark County. Glengyle is a founding member of the Perth and the Carp Garlic Festivals, the Ottawa Farmers’ Market and a member of the Carp Farmers Market. We as Stewards work closely with community groups like the Mississippi-Madawaska Land Trust to ensure the long term sustainability of our land & wetland so that when passed on they will be in the same condition that we received them.


Garlic, Spring Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Garlic Pesto, Garlic feta spreads/dips and seasonal soups


Box 231 #2208 Highway 511, Lanark, On K0G 1K0

Production Practices:

Chemical herbicides and pesticides are not and have not been used at the farm. Artificial fertilizers were known to have been used minimally during the 1950s and 60s, but not since. Glengyle is organic in its farming practices but not certified. We rotate our crops and use natural soil amendments for fertilizers. We make use of tillage, mulch, pheromones, beneficial nematodes, and other remedies to address weeds, infestations, soil borne funguses, etc.

Buy & Savour:

Carp Farmers Market, Ottawa Farmers Market


(613) 858-7752, (613) 259-5377, 613-837-1019