Upper Canada Heritage Meat

Upper Canada Heritage Meat

Upper Canada Heritage Meat

Barbara Schaefer

Focusing on the Large Black Pig Barbara believes that animals destined for our table should live a good life. She raises the pigs in large rotating paddocks where they get plenty of play and exercise – fully expressing their natural instincts for rooting. She does not ring their noses, dock their tails or clip their teeth at birth. The pigs are free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, growth stimulants or chemicals of any kind.

Expanding into other rare heritage breeds, Barbara also offers a CSA that includes grass-fed beef from the Lynch Lineback and pasture raised chickens.


Large Black Pig


RR #4, North Augusta, Ontario

Production Practices:

Pasture raised naturally, following organic practices

Buy & Savour:

Farm gate, farmers’ markets, home delivery