Upper Canada Creamery

Upper Canada Creamery

Rudi, Jennifer, Josh & Ellen Biemond

We are a second generation, family operated, certified organic dairy farm and have recently added an on-farm processing facility (Upper Canada Creamery) to our operation. We process only our own milk to produce a top quality, organic, grass-fed, probiotic, plain yogurt. We take pride in our ability to close the gap between the farm and the fridge by providing a transparent, educational approach to the local public with our second story viewing hall, on-site retail area as well as offering tours and workshops. We strongly encourage everyone to come out for a visit during business hours or by appointment.


Organic Grass-fed Probiotic Plain Yogurt


11575 Waddell Rd. Iroquois, ON  K0E 1K0

Production Practices:

We are organic, grass-fed and local.

Buy & Savour:

See a complete list of sales locations on our website.


613-803-8890                          sales@uppercanadacreamery.com