Tiraislin Farm

Tiraislin Farm

Tiraislin Farm

Rosemary Kralik

“Tiraislin” is a Gaelic word meaning “land of my dreams.” For Rosemary, the 722-acre farm that she purchased in 2000 is indeed the place where she can apply and enjoy both the scientific and the artistic passions that form her life. She raises Tibetan yaks, Highland cattle, sheep and goats in a manner that promises them “the happiest life they can have.” Rosemary believes in the many benefits that this stress-free farming practice brings to consumers, and declares “your health and happiness is in the meat that you eat.”

Rosemary is a talented artist and the animals at Tiraislin Farm are often the subjects of her paintings. Visitors to the farm are very welcome but should call ahead to ensure an open gate.


yak, beef, lamb and goat, sausage, salami, jerky, wool, pelts


113 Clarendon Rd., Maberly, Ontario

Production Practices:

no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides, pasture raised, local hay, local abattoir, paper wrapped products, Ontario Federation of Agriculture member, Small Farms Ontario member

Buy & Savour:

at farm gate, and Ottawa Farmers’ Market