The Urban Element

The Urban Element

We are a food-centric, hospitality driven company defined by the excellence of our dynamic and professional team. We take pride in delivering our services to you. Whether you choose our catering services to celebrate special occasions or embark on a cooking journey through our classes or savour a delectable home-delivered meal, we’re here to share the joy of food.

The urban element is committed to the notion that good food belongs everywhere; that food can motivate, inspire, educate and entertain. We maintain this idea, whether we are feeding 12 people or 300 people; whether we feed students or executives; no matter what venue or locale. We bring creativity and meticulous attention-to-detail to everything we engage in, and our brand and reputation in Ottawa speaks to this commitment.

Our professionally-trained chefs are connoisseurs who have devoted themselves to perfecting their craft and preparing food that looks just as good as it tastes. Our seasonal + local menus will impress all of your guests and leave them discussing the food for years to come!


High quality prepared meals, catering and cafe 


424 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON

Production Practices:

Our food philosophy is rooted in fresh, local and seasonal food, farm-to-table dining, and innovative local producers.

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