St Albert Cheese

St Albert Cheese

Did you know that St-Albert Cheese Coop is one of the oldest cooperatives in Canada?

As early as the late 19th century, master cheesemakers in a charming Eastern Ontario village were already producing a high quality Cheddar: the St-Albert. Founding President Louis GĂ©nier and his nine partners could hardly have imagined back on January 8, 1894, that their little cheese factory would shape the history of the entire community and become a true regional institution.

In 2014, as the Co-operative was ready to mark its 120th anniversary, it emerged from its ashes, stronger than ever, with modern facilities, increased production capacity and an iron will, with but one goal in mind: to continue the tradition by producing the best cheddars and dairy products in the country.




150 St Paul St, St. Albert, ON

Production Practices:

The milk used to make St-Albert cheeses essentially comes from eastern Ontario dairy farmers.

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