Seedling Microgreens

Seedling Microgreens

Katie Demyen, Blake Irwin and family

Seedling Microgreens is a hyperlocal urban producer of a variety of microgreens. They are located right in the city of Ottawa. Varieties of herbs and vegetables are available year round without the use of herbicides or pesticides. ‘We started this business with the intention of being part of a movement that empowers people in many ways including growing their own food. By demonstrating this in an urban setting we are able to show that a large amount of land is not essential to growing a large amount of food.’


A wide variety of herbs & microgreens


Hunt Club, Ottawa, ON

Production Practices:

Organic (non-certified), organic soil, organic seed, no herbicides or pesticides.

Buy & Savour:

Restaurants, Byward Farmers Market, Landsdowne Farmers Market


(306) 501-0433;