The Red Apron

The Red Apron

Jennifer Heagle, Founder

“It is our goal to get friends, family and loved ones back to the table around fresh, wholesome, well prepared food.”  This is the guiding philosophy of the Red Apron and now almost 18 years later, these are still the values we hold close. 

Our menus change daily, weekly and seasonally using ingredients that are sourced locally (when possible), and at their freshest. Our list of local farmers and producers is lengthy, and through these relationships your food dollars support hundreds of people in our community.

We value the connection between food, human health, and the wellness of our community. How we spend our food dollars is an important statement about our priorities.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to these values. Our service is well suited to clients who want to eat consciously, and who also lead busy lives. Our service offers the gift of time – time to spend with family and friends

The Chef:

Jennifer Heagle & Jo-Ann Laverty

Savour at:

410 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 5P3