Pickling Dixie

Pickling Dixie

Pickling Dixie Limited provides field to table products, but specializes in small batch preserves. Established in 2017, we provide over 50 unique and traditional products in the season.

We have 4 children, aged 14 to 2 who you will find barefoot running around the gardens and farm, and tableside at most farmers markets and events.

Our preserves and products are created from our produce grown right here, beginning with our heirloom organic seeds. Each season, produce and fruits are hand tended and produce the greatest preserves you have all come to know and enjoy. We offer wholesale to local businesses, so you can find our preserves in many great stores in the Ottawa Valley.

Our products are created within our on-site food premise, and our recipes are provided and approved to our local RCDHU.

We offer a seasonal CSA subscriptions of our organic veggies, fruits and flowers as well as bulk meat options for our pork and beef. You can also purchase our meats, preserves, produce and flowers at our local farmers markets and inside our farm shop in season.

Thank you for being part of our business since 2017, and we continue to grow every year because of your support.


Field to Table Preserves, Meat, Produce and more!


44 Alva Dr, Cobden, ON

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