Kricklewood Farm

Kricklewood Farm

Kricklewood Farm

Brad Daily & Dale Horeczy

Brad and Dale started Kricklewood Farm in 2009 as a new farm on a historic farm property southwest of Ottawa. They both grew up in Manitoba where vast fields of sunflowers are a common, and beautiful, sight. The thought kept on going through their minds, and in their conversations, ‘why not here in the Ottawa area?’ And that set them on their quest to produce the finest quality sunflower oil. They seeded their first crop in 2012, and with their traditional cold press machine they are producing delicious, fresh and pure sunflower oil.


sunflower oil, goat milk soap, goat milk fudge


421 Kitley Line 8 Road, Frankville, ON

Production Practices:

non-certified organic production

Buy & Savour:

Brockville, Carp and Perth and the Savour Ottawa Field House at Parkdale market.