KIN Vineyards

KIN Vineyards

Great wine truly is made in the vineyard and it is an adherence to this philosophy that informs our choice to farm sustainably, including both organic and biodynamic approaches whenever possible.

Healthy soils, a biodiversity of flora and fauna creates a vineyard of balance and synergy … and ultimately, wines of substance, integrity, uniqueness of place and longevity. Our winemaking is focused on using experience and skill to achieve balance in the wines rather than to achieve a preconceived ideal.

As stewards of 47 acres of land (10 under vine), and as practitioners of truly sustainable viticulture, our pursuit of winemaking perfection begins with the soil.

KIN Vineyards tends to a vineyard nestled along the Carp Ridge, adjoined by the Carp River, and resting upon the grey limestone of the Ottawa Formation. The vineyard supports a distinct terroir, a unique personality, and a tremendous potential for remarkable wine.




2225 Craig’s Side Rd, Carp, ON

Production Practices:

Organic and biodynamic approaches whenever possible

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