Il Negozio Nicastro Glebe

Il Negozio Nicastro Glebe

Robert, David, Lisa & Michael Nicastro

This travel ticket also adorns the menu for our in store cafe. It’s the actual ticket that our father Salvatore Nicastro purchased to come to Canada in in 1959.

Like many others that passed through Pier 21 in Halifax, he brought with him his dreams, work ethics and old world culture.

In 1972 he was one of the founding owners of the original Nicastro Bros. Food in Centretown, a neighbourhood which was home to Ottawa’s Italian immigrant community. Over 40 years ago he helped introduce both imported Italian and local ingredients to our community.

Our two stores continue this passion and tradition. Il Negozio Nicastro is a celebration of food and Italian culture which seem to be one in the same.

Chi mangia bene, vive bene!
Who eats well, lives well!


Fine Italian Food Shops and Cheese Boutiques located in the heart of the Glebe and Wellington Village


792 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Ontario

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