Jennifer Williams and Yannick Carrière

Goodfood2u is a family business owned and operated by Jennifer Williams and Yannick Carrière. We were loyal customers of the business for many years before purchasing it from the original owner in 2013.

We are entrepreneurs, parents and sustainability activists. We have lived and worked on farms in Canada and overseas, and we understand how vital farming is. We know that our purchasing decisions have an impact and we want to ensure healthy and sustainable food is produced and available, now and for future generations.

We facilitate connection – between farmers and producers and those who enjoy the fruits of their labour. We work hard to bring our customers the best produce and grocery items. We know our actions have impact and we are shaping the world we want. Local food from local farms and producers, meals shared at tables with friends and family, vibrant local economies: sustainable solutions for future generations.

1. LOCAL – We source food that is local and organic, directly from the farm. When local farms are covered in snow, we order as close to home as possible.

2. FAIR TRADE – When not available locally, like in the case of bananas, we will offer Fair Trade whenever possible. For bananas, chocolate, coffee, etc., you can be sure we are using local Canadian and Certified Fair Trade suppliers.

3. NO GMOS – We do not and will not offer any products that contain GMOs.4. REAL FOOD – When we find interesting products that are not certified organic but are local, small-scale production and natural, we will offer them.


A wide selection of organic certified produce, meat, dairy, eggs and vegan alternatives delivered all year long.


2391 Pepin Court, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 4C4

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