Flat Earth Farm

Flat Earth Farm

Denise and Phil Mount

At Flat Earth Farm, though we have decades of combined experience in farming, we are relatively new shepherds, less than a decade into sheep farming. We endeavour to give our animals as full, healthy and happy a life as possible. We have slowly built our flock and the prolific Katahdin rams have introduced genetics of foragers with high quality meat—no wooly taste, but full of flavour enhanced by a free range silvo-pasture diet and carefully harvested forages.

We transform ground and stewing meats—from the animals raised on our farm—into sausages and kebabs in our food trailer, The Sheepdog Grill, and then take the show on the road. The new travelling food show balances farming with other old skills—we’ve made our own sausages for years, and Denise spent her adult life in the food service industry. After testing and perfecting the marinades and grilling, we will be serving these indulgences fresh off the grill in 2023, at fairs, festivals and events across the Ottawa Valley.


Artisanal sausages and lamb kebabs


3575 Campbellcroft Road

Production Practices:

Ecological, silvopasture and hay diet, no GMOs

Buy & Savour:

The Sheepdog Grill (June-October) at fairs, festivals and events across the Ottawa Valley