Ferme aux Saveurs des Monts

Ferme aux Saveurs des Monts

Ferme aux Saveurs des Monts

Sylvain Bertrand

An agronomist and former instructor at McDonald College, Sylvain chose to launch Saveurs des Monts in 2000 because he “enjoys the challenges” of farming and the “opportunity for contact with consumers” who have convenient access to local producers. Today, Sylvain raises approximately 20,000 chickens and 2,000 turkeys annually in a healthy, technically sophisticated environment. Since its debut, the mission of Saveurs des Monts has been to offer poultry products that are “healthy and delicious.”


chicken & turkey


883 Rang 6 Val-des-Monts, Quebec

Production Practices:

100 week development, local abattoir

Buy & Savour:

On-site Boutique, local supermarkets and butchers, Marché du Vieux Hull, Marché de solidarite regionale de l’Outaouais


819-643-4363               Info@saveursdesmonts.ca