Excalibur Farm

Excalibur Farm

Excalibur Farm

Jeannine Langlois & Michel Bourdeau

“Wheat grass is a wonder food,” declares Jeannine as she explains a key element that enriches the diet of their Scottish Highland herd. The heritage breed cattle, physically endowed to survive our seasonal climate changes and very adept at protecting their babies, thrive outdoors year round at Excalibur Farm. Modifying grass cultivation and harvesting has become something of a passion for Michel, a mechanical engineer. He has designed and built the necessary equipment for cutting and re-seeding the fast growing crops.




1560 Notre Dame St., Embrun, Ontario

Production Practices:

100% grass fed ‘closed’ herd, non-certified organic, local abattoir, paper-wrapped products

Buy & Savour:

Farm gate by appointment


613-443 2235