Elk Ranch

Elk Ranch

Elk Ranch

Thom van Eegen & Fay Armitage

“Elk are intelligent and majestic animals to work with and observe,” comments Thom, who has been working with these native animals for more than 30 years. Today, on the 95-acre Elk Ranch in Kanata, more than 90 elk are being raised in a free-range environment, similar to that of their ancestors, but without the stress that would be experienced in the wild. This is reflected in the caliber of the meat which is lean and tender with a mild slightly sweet taste.

These qualities are acknowledged by the enthusiastic support of area chefs. Mike Moffatt, Executive Chef at Beckta Dining and Wine says, “Elk meat is a superior product. It is one of my favourites whether cooking at the restaurant or for my family.”

Fay and Thom plan to create a community garden at Elk Ranch, an opportunity for nearby urban residents to grow their own vegetables and also to observe the elk.


Elk: Steaks, Sausages, Roasts, “The Works” burgers, anything made of Elk!


1271 Old Carp Rd (1km off March Rd) Kanata, Ontario

Production Practices:

free-range, alfalpha hay and oats diet, no indoor housing, no hormones, local abattoir, member of the Canadian Cervid Council

Buy & Savour:

On farm store, Carp & Ottawa Farmers’ Markets, delivery to food trade.

Elk Viewing (Free):

You can almost always see Elk Bulls and cows in the fields year round


Please call to confirm before making a special trip to Kanata location