Dobson’s Grassfed Beef

Dobson's Grassfed Beef

Dobson’s Grassfed Beef

Bob Dobson

Bob Dobson’s cattle are raised outside in the open air of pasture in summer or behind natural wind blocks created by trees in the winter. They enjoy excellent quality of pasture and hay-forage from farm fields that have been in the family for over 150 years.
The cattle are never treated with antibiotics or hormones and are never fed grain during any part of their life. Bob believes in creating a healthy ecosystem on his farm – keeping spaces for wildlife such as birds and maintaining healthy waterways ensure happy and healthy cattle as well as preserving a more natural environment.

Dobson’s Grassfed beef is tender, has a host of health benefits, and flavour that can’t be beat. The farm also offers raspberries and elderberry products.


grass-fed beef, raspberries, elderberries


1907 Snake River Line, Cobden, ON

Production Practices:

non-certified organic

Buy & Savour:

Carp & Ottawa Farmers’ Markets