Champignons Le Coprin

Le Coprin Mushrooms

Champignons Le Coprin

Christophe Marineau & Marie-Élise Trottier

Christophe admits that he is “passionate about mushrooms because they are challenging to grow”. Four large grow rooms comprise the 5,000 square foot facility where crops of enigmatic, elegant fungi thrive under carefully controlled conditions. Champignons Le Coprin has succeeded by painstakingly developing a wide variety of exotic cultivated mushrooms available year round, as well as offering seasonal wild varieties gathered locally.




Farrellton, Québec

Production Practices:

Certified Organic

Buy & Savour:

Ottawa (Lansdowne), Chelsea & Wakefield Farmers’ Markets, Juniper Farm CSA, Marché de
solidarité régionale de l’Outaouais, local specialty shops & many local restaurants