Carleton Mushrooms

Carleton Mushrooms

Anabela and Fernando Medeiros

In 1984 Fernando and Anabela Medeiros had a dream of building a mushroom farm. With 15 years of mushroom farming experience under their belt, they started Carleton Mushroom Farms, a small family farm in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada.

Over the years their dreams and ambitions continued to grow, as did our farm. With family always at the heart of our farming practices, Fernando and Anabela’s two sons, Fernando Jr. and Mike, took over the daily operations and management in 2005.

Since then, our growing capacity has tripled, we’ve seen yields steadily increase to 10.5 million pounds per year, we implemented new state-of-the-art growing practices, and brought in modern and cutting-edge technologies from all over the world. Our steady expansion and attention to quality has allowed us to become the leading supplier of fresh mushrooms to Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.


White, Brown and Portabella Mushrooms. Shiitake, Oyster and Dried Mushrooms


6280 Dalmeny Road, Osgoode, Ontario

Production Practices:

Indoor growing rooms, harvested produce

Buy & Savour:

at the farm and grocery stores across the Ottawa region