Canreg Station Farm & Pasture Dairy

CanReg Station Farm

Canreg Station Farm & Pasture Dairy

Barbara & Josef G. Regli

At Canreg Station Farm the ideologies “natural, environment friendly and animal friendly” are passionately embraced and practiced by Barbara and Josef, a former veterinarian. Production is pasture and rangeland based, the sheep have pasture access most of the time and lambs are able to remain alongside their mothers. Composted manure is used on the fields and plant diversity is encouraged. Use of renewable energy resources for heating and processing, and limited use of farm machinery reduces fossil fuel consumption. Utilizing biodegradable soap, vinegar and oxidants for equipment cleaning eliminates the potential of chemical residues in the additive free artisan cheeses which are slowly ripened in aging rooms.


25 varieties of sheep’s milk cheese, & lamb


15010 Hunters Rd., Finch, Ontario

Production Practices:

on-site cheese plant, no genetically modified enzymes or artificial additives, traditional processing, pasture raised closed flock, local abattoir

Buy & Savour:

farm gate by appointment, Main, Ottawa & ByWard Farmers’ Markets