Buzzz Honey Products

Buzzz Honey Products

Buzzz Honey Products

Jill Davies

Buzzz Honey Products began with two hives at Chesterfield Farm, with sisters Jill and Kathleen Davies, producing honey and beeswax. The bees are kept according to organic practices and forage in clean unspoiled gardens, fields and forests, bringing in a wide variety of pollens and nectars from many different flower varieties, not the least of which is Calendula, or English Marigold (not actually marigold, but aster family). Locally produced organic oils, plus our homegrown input of honey, beeswax and calendula infused oil and tea, result in a skin care line that is “food for your skin”: cleansing and nourishment for naturally radiant skin, without petroleum distillates or synthetic preservatives.


Skin creams, lotions, balms, soaps, featuring homegrown Calendula, beeswax and honey


1941 County Rd. 2, Curran, ON, K0B 1C0

Production Practices:

Chemical pesticide and fertilizer free, organic practices, certified organic ingredients

Buy & Savour:

Farm gate, Cumberland Farmers Market, Homestead Organics, other craft/arts type markets


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