Barkley’s Apple Orchard

Barkleys Apple Orchard

Barkley’s Apple Orchard

Bill, Delia, Solomon, Liam and Denzil Barkley

“This farm is a responsibility,” says Bill. His family represents the seventh generation of Barkleys on the 70-acre spread. Bill previously spent ten years as an Agriculture Specialist with CUSO in Africa and several more as an Organic Inspector in Canada. Any fruit crop surplus is preserved and converted to cider, vinegar, jam, pies and a recently added delicacy, frozen strawberry coulis. A dozen bee hives on the property serve as apple tree pollinators and produce delicious Honey.

While Bill is not certain that his sons will continue the Barkley family’s farming tradition, his own commitment to sustaining the local farm economy provides powerful inspiration.


asparagus, strawberries, apples, pumpkins, cider, vinegar, honey, jam, pies, vinegar, frozen strawberry coulis, eggs, meat, birds, gladioli


5179 Smiths Road, Morrisburg, Ontario

Production Practices:

University of Guelph graduate, natural and organic techniques

Buy & Savour:

Ottawa Farmers Market (Landsdowne and Westboro locations), Ottawa Main Street Market, Kemptville Farmers Market, Metcalfe Farmers Market, McHaffie Flea Market, Morrisburg Plaza, and at local fairs and seasonal events