Artizen Kombucha

Artizen Kombucha

Artizen Kombucha was started with a purpose: to make the best kombucha possible using the freshest ingredients to energize, revitalize and nourish the body. We wanted to make people healthier and happier and understood that true health and happiness starts from within. Ours was a mission of purpose, a mission to make the lives of those around us better. 

Founded in 2016, we started making kombucha from a traditional recipe passed down by family members over generations. With this as a template, we adopted and evolved this recipe and modernize it to reflect what we as a collective human race have learned about health and nutrition. A friend had gifted us our very first SCOBY around this time and from there the mission was formed. 

We make our kombucha and iced tea using organic ingredients and pristine, artesian deep well water. Our beverages are health promoting, refreshing and delicious. We strive to source only local ingredients whenever possible and support our community through this effort. We fully support everyone around us and thrive off of helping others. Whether this means paying it forward or lending a helping hand, we have always endeavoured to contribute to our community. 

We hope you love what we do and we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

These old varieties are best suited to organic, low-input agriculture where no chemicals are used, providing a nutritious and distinct harvest, without the environmental impact of large-scale farming.


kombucha and iced tea


North Folk Cafe
1 Gore Street West
Perth, ON K7H 2L5

Production Practices:

kombucha and iced tea using organic ingredients and pristine, artesian deep well water.

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