All About the Soup


All About The Soup

Andy, Charline and Jaden

We are a family run business, the three of us: Andy, Charline and our son, Jaden. We are a family who have always loved to cook, to try out new dishes, experimenting with locally sourced produce and exotic spices from the outer reaches of our amazing planet. And we are also a family on the go. We love outdoor activities. With this active lifestyle, choosing to be out there playing, we often prepared large batches of food to freeze so that we would have readily available healthy, substantial options to grab on the run.Soup is one of the few foods that freeze well, thus we decided to offer, to our local market, soups that are more nutritious, lower in sodium, and higher in protein than most that are currently available. Having lived with beloved family members with various digestive issues, we saw a need for a quickly accessible meal option that meets the demand of the wheat and dairy free diet. So we came to the realization that we could craft soups with wholesome ingredients and freshly grinded spices and create flavors and textures that are addictive, in a good way!



Great Selection of Frozen Soups


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Production Practices:

Soups Made from Premium Fresh Ingredients – Wheat Free – Dairy Free* – No Preservatives – Healthy – Low Sodium

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