Albé Sheep Farm

La Ferme Albé Sheep Farm

La Ferme Albé Sheep Farm

Micheline Bégin & Luc Alarie

“Taste our passion,” invite Micheline and Luc when describing the meat products from La Ferme Albé. The Katahdin sheep which they raise are noted for their calm nature, self-sufficient behaviour and rapid growth; characteristics which result in flavourful, tender meat products. Due to the practice of slaughtering only on consumer demand, product freshness is another Ferme Albé hallmark. Recipes are available to customers and they can also arrange for “michoui a domicile” – an entire lamb cooked on a wood fire at their own home.

Micheline and Luc were following a shared childhood dream when they decided to purchase a farm in 2001. Today, that choice, along with the work and risks of the ensuing years, has rewarded them with the lifestyle they envisioned. They share Ferme Albé’s 150-acre spread and heritage homestead with their flock, a trio of Border Collies and Salt the watch Llama.

In 2007 Ferme Albé was a double finalist in the 2007 “Gala de l’Excellence de Prescott-Russell” which recognizes notable Franco-Ontarian entrepreneurs.


natural lamb, lamb sausages, rosettes, fricadelles, breeding stock


1701 Concession 4, Alfred (near Hawkesbury), Ontario

Production Practices:

no antibiotics, no hormones, pasture in summer, and homegrown feed in winter. Ontario Federation of Agriculture member, Katahdin Sheep Association member, Ontario Sheep Marketing Association member, Homegrown Ontario member

Buy & Savour:

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