Acorn Creek Garden Farm

Acorn Creek Garden Farms

Acorn Creek Garden Farm

Andy & Cindy Terauds

Cindy Terauds began growing vegetables for sale at the age of six and has never looked back! She met Andy while both were studying agriculture at McGill University’s Macdonald College and together they determined that horticulture was going be their career. Since 1978 they have been operating Acorn Creek Garden Farm on 100 acres in Carp, fulfilling their dream, “growing and selling premium quality produce,” using sustainable agricultural practices.

The fruits and vegetables at Acorn Creek are personally hand picked “at their peak” or visitors may pick their own. At their farm market the Terauds also sell a unique array of ‘Naturally Cindy’s’ gourmet preserves prepared on site from Acorn Creek produce.
“We grow flavour,” is definitely the mantra at Acorn Creek.

A wide variety of locally adapted bedding plants, tasty herbs and delectable melons are grown regularly alongside experimental varieties that the Terauds hope to successfully adapt to our northern growing conditions. Of the 3000 varieties of fruits and vegetables they have grown over the years, only the best tasting make it to the farm gate.


600 tasty varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, melons, bedding plants, gourmet preserves


928 Oak Creek Rd., Carp, Ontario

Production Practices:

tile drained, trickle irrigated fields, IPM and crop rotation, personally picked produce, homemade preserves

Buy & Savour:

at the farm market, pick-your-own, and the Carp & Ottawa Farmers’ Markets


613-836 2613