7 Hues Eco Farm

7 Hues Eco Farm

Li Xu & Yves Saint-Pierre

Established in 2021, 7 Hues EcoFarm is a small scale ecological farm based at Just Food.

For years, we have been deeply concerned with the ill effects on the health of people and ecosystems of farming practices that rely heavily on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and heavy machinery. The answer to our concern is to join others in the movement towards regenerative agriculture. On our farm, we are passionate about learning and experimenting with various farming practices which are respectful for ecosystems and healthy for people.

Certified by Ecocert, the farm grows a diverse blend of organic vegetables, herbs, perennial berries. The harvest from our annuals and perennials comes in the seven colours of nature. These red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple vegetables and fruits are beautiful in colour, rich in taste and nutritious. We believe that good food grows in healthy soil and a bio-diverse environment. We experiment with various strategies to improve our soil including minimizing the soil disturbance and planting cover crops and we also incorporate a mixture of beneficial annual and perennials including flowers for pollinators. Yes, bees are happy in our seven- hues field. To put it simply, we are learning to rely on the workings of nature and find this process fascinating!


Asian vegetables including various kinds of bok choy, Nappa cabbage, sweet potato leaves, and sweet potatoes, edible chrysanthemum, perilla, winter melon, luffa, edamame and more;
Heirloom tomatoes, carrots, onions, beets, garlic, peas, beans, squash, pepper;
Cilantro, dill, Chinese leek, green onion, thyme, oregano and calendula


2931 Pepin Court, Gloucester ON

Production Practices:

Self-identified ecological practices

Buy & Savour:

Just Food Farm Stand, Main Street Farmers’ Market


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