Kiefro Farm

Kiefro Farm

Kiefro Farm

Gerry Oleynik & Sophie Lalande

Kiefro Farm is owned by Gerry Oleynik and Sophie Lalande. We raise quality wild boar meat. The animals are raised outdoors year-round. They are raised ethically in a natural environment without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Wild boar meat is leaner than pork with a texture similar to venison but with a mild sweet flavor. The meat is high in protein and minerals and lower in cholesterol than beef. It is considered a red meat.


all varieties of cuts available, bacon, various sausages


2079 Nolan Rd, Hammond, On K0A 2A0

Production Practices:

naturally raised, no antibiotics, no hormones, vegetarian diet, outside all year

Buy & Savour:

Selling at farm gate {call before} and at Cumberland Farmers’ Market