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About Savour Ottawa

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Steering Committee / Lead Partners
Advisory Committee
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Savour Ottawa is an initiative spearheaded by Ottawa Tourism, Just Food and the City of Ottawa (Markets Management & Rural Affairs Branches). It consists of a Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee, and a Coordinator who implements the activities and events as directed by the committees.

Steering Committee / Lead Partners

Representatives from each of the lead partners in the initiative (Ottawa Tourism, Just Food and the City of Ottawa Markets Management & Rural Affairs branches) form the Steering Committee. Information about each lead partner is listed below. To find contact information for Steering Committee members email info@justfood.ca.

Information about each Steering Committee organization / lead partner is listed below:

Jantine Van Kregten – Ottawa Tourism
Moe Garahan – Just Food (e-mail moe@justfood.ca; phone 613-699-6850 ext. 11)
Adam Brown – City of Ottawa, Rural Affairs
Phillip Powell – City of Ottawa, Markets Management
Laura Brouillette – Just Food, Savour Ottawa Coordinator

Ottawa Tourism
Ottawa Tourism provides industry leadership and destination marketing to attract visitors, tours and conventions to Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region.

Founded in 1971, Ottawa Tourism is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization, with 350 tourism-related member businesses that work together to profile Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region as a diverse and exciting place to visit. Ottawa Tourism’s objectives are to promote the destination, increase visitation, and enhance economic impact for the industry and its membership.

Ottawa Tourism’s involvement in the Savour Ottawa initiative derives from the provincial recognition of Ottawa as a culinary tourism destination in 2006. As a result of that designation, Ottawa Tourism coordinated meetings with other stakeholders which evolved into the Savour Ottawa initiative. It has continued to market and promote Ottawa as a culinary tourism destination with great success.

Ottawa Tourism provides promotion and communications expertise for the Savour Ottawa initiative and spearheads its marketing efforts, especially those that are aimed at markets outside of Canada’s Capital Region. Part of its everyday activities, Ottawa Tourism is able to communicate the exciting culinary culture in Ottawa, and to spread the word about Savour Ottawa and the unique products its members serve.



Just Food
Just Food works to ensure that Ottawa is Food Secure. Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs, as well as to culturally acceptable food preferences for an active and healthy life. As well, foods are produced as locally as possible, and their production and distribution are environmentally, socially and economically just.

Just Food is a local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food issues in the City of Ottawa. Just Food is governed by its own 8-member Board through its Director, staff and volunteers, and is sponsored by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa. Just Food has a membership of over 1200 people in the City, and works in partnership with many other organizations on key areas of work, including the Ottawa Buy Local Food Guide, Savour Ottawa, Community Shared Agriculture Farm Network, Eastern Collaboration of Food Initiatives, Community Gardening Network, etc. Since 2006, Just Food has worked with farmers in the area to train and provide resources to new and existing farmers who are interested in increasing local food production.

Just Food provides expertise in local agriculture and connections with the local agricultural community for Savour Ottawa. Additionally, it brings community development, as well as community economic development experience to the Steering Committee table and the initiative.

Just Food is also the host of the Savour Ottawa initiative, housing the Coordinator position and as such provides an in-kind contribution to the initiative to cover part of the overhead and administrative costs.



City of Ottawa, Rural Affairs Office
The Rural Affairs Office provides a rural perspective on issues affecting the City of Ottawa, working with rural residents, community groups, City staff and Council to ensure rural concerns are identified and understood.

Established in 2006, the City of Ottawa Rural Affairs Office is a division with a mandate to advance rural issues at City Hall. Following the Rural Summit of November 2005, it was clear that rural Ottawa residents wanted dedicated City staff to focus on rural concerns. Based on the suggestion of the Summit working groups, the Rural Affairs Office was created and now works on the improving relationships with rural Ottawa residents, farmers and businesses. By assessing the impact of the City’s rural policies, by-laws, programs, and negotiating change, the Rural Affairs Office facilitates a positive relationship between the City and its rural residents and advocates for the rural perspective in accordance with City Council’s direction.

The Rural Affairs Office supports projects aimed at improving the rural Ottawa economy, working with community organizations and not-for-profit groups in areas such as rural tourism, rural business, fairs and farmers’ markets and promoting of opportunities for local agriculture through initiatives such as Savour Ottawa.
The Rural Affairs Office provides financial and administrative assistance to Savour Ottawa, assisting with communication and promotion of the Savour Ottawa brand and increasing awareness of the initiative throughout the City of Ottawa agricultural community.



City of Ottawa, Markets Management Office
The City of Ottawa Markets Management is responsible for the operation of the ByWard and Parkdale Markets. The 180 year-old ByWard Market is one of Canada’s oldest and largest outdoor farmers’ markets. It’s over 265 stands are open 363 days a year and generate annual sales in excess of $65 million. ByWard is also the #1 tourist attraction in the National Capital Region. The outdoor market is surrounded by over 30 speciality food stores and 85 restaurants which combined make ByWard the destination of choice for all things culinary! The Parkdale Market is an important neighbourhood market. It operates 7 days a week from May through December. It has 57 stands and estimated annual sales of $4 million.

The Markets Management was one of the founding partners of Savour Ottawa as it supports the notion of one strong “buy-local” brand. The Markets are the perfect venues for local farmers and producers. The Markets Management has provided human and financial resources on Savour Ottawa’s communication, advertising and marketing initiatives to ensure that the “buy local” message gets as much impact and exposure as possible.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of Savour Ottawa members representing each membership category, and the Steering Committee. The Advisory Committee members are listed below.

Food Service
Bruce Wood — Beau’s (food pairing)
Stephen La Salle — The Albion Rooms
Jennifer Heagle — The Red Apron

Shelley Spruit — Against The Grain
Greg Zador — ZEDFarms

Roxane Robillard — fleurs gourmandes

Cory Haskins — Algonquin College
Katie Nolan — OMAFRA

Francois Bouchard — The Country Grocer


Farmers’ Markets Ontario (FMO)

Farmers' Markets Ontario

MyPick - verified local farmer

Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA) 

Savour Ontario

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